Terri de Boer with Torchic

Terri de Boer

Industrial Product Design student
Dutch – 19

Welcome to the personal portfolio of Terri de Boer. On this website, I will show you most of my work, like drawings and projects. Of course, you can also help me out a little bit by buying some of my drawings! But if you just want to know a bit more about me or the materials and tools that I use, you can visit the ‘About Me’ page! But I won’t use any more of your precious time by making you read all this text.
Enjoy and have a great day!

My Favorite Drawings

EEVEE by Terri de Boer



Competing for the cutest Pokemon of all time is Eevee (Torchic stays no.1). Fully drawn digitally on my drawing tablet in my room. If you’d like to see more Pokemon drawings, you can always contact me and tell me wich one you’d love to see.


HARRY BRAIDS by Terri de Boer



This is Harry Styles, currently a member (singer) of One Direction. It’s the second time that I drew Harry. Also, it fully drawn by hand and I did not use any color (in case you couldn’t see). This drawing is focused on his own braids. I hope that you like the looks of it!


MOANA by Terri de Boer



First of all, the movie Vaiana is great! After watching the movie in the cinema, I directly knew who to draw next: Vaiana (Moana). Because she is such an awesome Disney character! I have made this drawing digitally. And due to her ballerina outfit, it adds to my growing drawing collections of ballerinas. I really enjoyed making this drawing. I hope that you like it as well.


Drawings by Terri de boer

Drawings by Terri de boer



Years of experience

Hey look even more text! No, not just another boring text field! I’m here to inform you that you can contact me if you click this button. You can ask me anything about my drawings or my projects. Maybe you even want to know what colors I used on a specific drawing. Feel free to fill in the form on the About Me page. To go there, click here. Clickery click click.

My Favorite Projects

Katrien by Terri de Boer



This project was a school project. I had to make a wooden toy for young kids. Before I finally made it, I had to make a lot of sketches and had to do a lot of tests.

I had to keep in mind that it still had to work when kids play with it. This means that it has to be sturdy and safe.


HARRY BRAIDS by Terri de Boer

Cycling Lamp


This project is called ‘Cycling Lamp’. Why do you ask? Well, because it’s a light that you put on your bicycle! This project is a school project with one specific customer in mind: People who cycle fast (and a lot).

This means that the light itself has to be very sturdy. Pricing might not be so important since well made professional products are pricey most of the time. Oh, and it has to look good.


Projects by Terri de boer

Projects by Terri de boer

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